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Discovery Call

FREE 30 min introduction

to touch base via Zoom & share anything on your heart.

The focus is to identify what you do & don't like about your present reality (i.e. health, love, career, family, etc).


We crystallize clarity

re: what you really DO want, so that we can move onto creating it.

chart a course

$133 one hour session

via Zoom or in person to

activate aha moments & map aligned action steps.


If you're challenged by

balancing wants, needs, dreams & responsibilities

this session streamlines what matters most & strategizes how to manage the rest.


You'll receive a literal "map" that we make together for your course.

a total eclipse

$222 120 min session

via Zoom or in person to isolate a particular area of a problem/pain you feel but can't fully grasp.

A range of practices like breath work, body release, vocal opening, guided visualization, EFT & NLP are customized to find & release what's holding you back. 

Detox from chaos. 

Clear space for the new.