installation artist


Expanding her makeshift beginnings of dressing stages in small theaters, Marushka began exploring art installations as a creative medium to enhance audience experiences of concerts, galleries & event spaces.


From Goethe Institute to Nara Collective, Future Eyes and NAKID Magazine, Marushka enjoys curating environments that both entertain and inspire; whether transforming entire venues, providing pop up performance art 

or crafting intimate, concept-driven photo booths. 

LOST + FOUND is an ongoing installation art series produced in collaboration with Kenyan artist Nu Fvnk, comprised of items that might be rendered 'useless' or 'worn out' - but are instead reimagined into a uniquely interactive atmosphere.

THE GODYSSEY is a mixed media art project in collaboration with design brand, KIUMBE, using mixed-media formats

to create "living sculptures." Blending classic archetypal goddess imagery with a rebellious infusion of surrealist science fiction, The Godyssey plays at the intersection of Fashion and Fine Art, suggesting the timeless,

eternally limitless and elusive nature of the feminine creative principle. 

MYSTICA EROTICA emerged from collaboration with photographer Angela Izzo, while creating an installation for NAKID Magazine x Future Eyes, who partnered with The Sensualist. Mystic Erotica explores the often unseen side

of contemporary erotica - the strength of the softness, the eroticism of earth's most 

natural elements and the beauty of authentic pleasure.